Product Description

Kashmir Hair Biotex 4G, FORMALDEHIDE FREE, is a professional use only treatment for hair straightening and restoration. The treatment has a unique formula based on amino-acids, minerals- Lithium and Magnesium, natural Keratin and high quality silicones. All the mentioned ingredients have active action over the hair shaft; repair the hair from inside, offer elasticity, shine and long lasting smoothness.

The amino – acids are the key ingredients that lie at the base of the treatment. They modify the hair structure and help obtain the desired effect: straight hair with long lasting result! The amino-acids, substances with low pH, get deep inside the hair shaft where they change the hair pH into a lower pH to allow an easier design of the hair.

The natural Keratin, one of the main components of the hair, helps fill the breakage in the hair scale, prevents hair drying and degradation. When the hair is excessively styled and exposed to environmental factors, the keratin loses its original quality and leaves the hair hard to arrange, without elasticity.

4G Kashmir Hair Biotex reduce hair frizz, prevents split ends and protects the hair against the environmental factors and against chemical interventions and excessive styling.

With 4G Kashmir Hair Biotex you will enjoy a perfect straight, shiny and healthy hair up to 10 months!